Château de Bagnols



“It is better to shine than just to twinkle.”

These were the words of Thomas of Aquin, contemporary of the Château’s creation, the year of which, 1217, gives the restaurant its name, and confirm his key role in the Bagnols experience today. Shining bright, the cuisine of Jean Alexandre Ouaratta, our recently Michelin-starred Chef, uses simplicity and colour, love of the produce and the terroir, revisited with a seasonal vibrancy which transcends decor and gastronomy as we know it. A pure pleasure of discovery in the majestic Salle des Gardes or on the panoramic terrace which dominates the region of the Pierres Dorées.

As seats are selling quickly, it is strongly recommended to book in advance to have lunch or dinner in our 1 Michelin Star gourmet restaurant Le 1217. We cannot guarantee a table to hotel guests without a restaurant reservation.

Open every day for lunch and dinner (12h / 14h30, 19h30 / 21h30). The restaurant does not accept pets. Appropriate clothing required indoors and outdoors. Market menu available Monday to Friday for lunch only, except during bank holidays.

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