Château de Bagnols


Seminar & Banqueting

To gather at the Château de Bagnols offers a stimulating experience. It’s not every day you can hold a conference in the Grand Salon frequented so often by Madame de Sévigné or set a ceremonial table in the Salle des Tonneaux, where the buzz of the winemakers returning from the vine harvests of Beaujolais still echoes.

Grand Salon

Empire Salon, Music Salon


Salle des Gardes

Cour Renaissance

Salle des Tonneaux

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The restaurant is under the full responsibility of the Château de Bagnols for all services. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks will also be provided by the Château.
Our team offers you a made-to-measure service. However, to make your choice easier and to inspire you, a number of packages are available to you. Download the brochure.


From 90 EUR for a whole day of study

(room hire, reception coffee, 2 breaks, videoprojector, lunch).


From 259 EUR the semi-residential package

(room hire, reception coffee, 2 breaks, videoprojector, lunch, night + breakfast)